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Why Invest in Purpose Built Student Accommodation in Newcastle, England ?

Investing in student accommodation in

Newcastle can be a good investment for many reasons not least of all the following :

High Demand: Newcastle is home to several reputable universities and colleges, attracting a large student population. This creates a consistent demand for student housing. Northumbria University has approx 37,000 students while Newcastle University attracts over 18,000 students annually.

Strong Student Population - Rental Income: The steady influx of students into Newcastle each academic year means that a steady reliable rental income stream can be expected. There is a consistent demand for housing ensuring a stable occupancy rate.

Rental Yield: Student accommodation has a tendency to provide higher than average

yields and this is no different in Newcastle where rental can be attractive, offering a potentially strong return on investment.

Long-term Investment: Investing in student accommodation allows for long-term returns, as the demand for housing from students is likely to remain consistent over the years.

Potential Appreciation: As Newcastle continues to develop and grow, the value of student properties may appreciate over time, offering potential capital gains.

Despite the growing student population, the supply of purpose-built student accommodations can be limited creating favorable market conditions.

Property Management: Many student accommodation properties come with professional property management services, making it easier for you to handle the rental process.

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