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Established in 2006, JP Knight and Partners are sales consultants assisting our global partners in the acquisition of residential assets and purpose-built student assets. 

With substantial experience and a strong reputation for delivering, we understand the needs of investors, brokers and developers. We know that every development must be approached differently to maximise success. 

At JP Knight, we care about our clients and focus on building strong relationships with integrity at the core of all that we do. 

We equip our clients with an extensive bespoke selection of services including professional marketing tools so they can market developments, confident knowing that they have the most up-to-date market statistics and information. 

We know that in these times of global change, investors need a safe and stable asset class, that is why we focus on a few carefully selected developments at one time which allows us to offer our clients a personal approach, this means that everything we do is done to the highest standard and clients get our total focus along with a premium level of service.

Contact us for current opportunities. 

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