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FROM £75,000

Luxury Student Apartments. Sheffield. U.K.
Completing July 2022

  • From £75,000

  • 7.5% Net Yield per annum guaranteed for 5 years

  • Up to 4% interest on deposited funds

  • On the doorstep of Sheffield Hallam University campus with 37,000 students . (3rd largest University in the UK) 

  • 5 minute walk to Sheffield city centre 

  • No expense until year 6

  • All units sold fully furnished

  • Fully managed by CRM, one of the best student property managers in the UK.  

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The concrete frame is currently up to level 10 on the floor slab and level 12-13 on the central core with columns to level 11 being erected.
Riser holes are currently being drilled on to the floor slabs and are working their way up the building. 
Mast climbers bases have been installed on the west elevation.
Internal subcontractor offices are now set up on level 2. 
Brickwork up to level 1. 
Temporary electrics are being fitted to level 5-9.
Installation of the central staircase is up to level 7. 
Installation of the SFS has been completed up to level 4 leaving out bays for the hoist & the canti decks for loading out materials.

Works In Progress

Install mast climbers to the east, south, and west elevations and goods hoist on the southeast corner of the building.
Install scaffolding to the north & east elevation bridging over the roof of level 6 to allow the brickwork to continue up to level 10.
Install wind liner boards and windows to levels 1-9. 

Install mast climbers bases to the east and south elevation 

Installation of bathrooms pods, continuing through all levels over the coming months.

Setting out for internal partitions and M&E fit out starting on level 2 moving upwards. 

Continue with brickwork on the west elevation. 

Start block work to the substation. 

Main drainage work connection is on going and is being diverted around the crane base.
Concrete slab for substation is being installed. 


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