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JP Knight and Partners Ltd's inclusive approach welcomes both new and experienced investors, ensuring investment options suitable for everyone's needs and levels of familiarity with the real estate market. This inclusivity reflects our commitment to accommodating a diverse range of investors.

Quayside West Studios Newcastle

JP Knight has a strong track record in real estate investment.  For over 18 years we have been dedicated to helping investors find suitable real estate investment opportunities. We focus on residential  investments in the UK and the USA. Our expertise lies in matching investors with the right properties for their needs.
Ask about Quayside West Studios in Newcastle shown left starts from £101,200 with 7% Net Yield Guaranteed for 3 Years

We work with a limited number of developers and projects at one time which enables us to provide focused attention and deeply engage on each step of the process. Our focused approach allows for a more thorough engagement from start to finish.

By collaborating with developers on the funding side JPK can offer investors higher interest rates, especially when  projects are joined at an early stage. This can provide investors with potentially attractive returns for their involvement during the initial phases of development.

JP Knight and Partners Ltd  cater to a wide range of investors, whether experienced or new. Investment options start from GBP £85,000 providing flexibility for investors.

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