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See below for construction updates. 

Luxury Student Apartments. Liverpool U.K.

  • From £85,000

  • 9% Net Yield per annum guaranteed for 5 years

  • Up to 4% interest on deposited funds

  • 7 Universities with 60,000 students within 1 kilometre

  • No expense until year 6

  • All units sold fully furnished

  • Fully managed 

Construction Update

September 2021

Block A
Mast climbers and hoists continue to operate feeding the floor plates
 Pods are now in place and being connected to the M&E infrastructure
 The curtain walling to level 15 is nearly complete
 Windows on level 14 are now complete
 The cladding has commenced to the main façade with a full-size sample area erected and bracketry now being installed progressively
 Partitions are now 1st fixed to up to level 14, levels 1 – 13 have been second-side boarded and are now complete
 Plastering is ongoing, now up to level 13
 Block B

The roof decking is being installed
 Intumescent paint is complete
 SFS and board has commenced on levels 1 – 8
 Window installation has commenced
 Builder work holes and setting out continues for the internal M&E services
J-Safe edge protection will now be progressively removed as the façade is installed
 Mast climbers have been installed and continue to service the façade
 Setting out for internal partitions has commenced
 Ground floor slab preparation has commenced

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