90% SOLD

Luxury Student Apartments. Liverpool U.K.

  • From £85,000

  • 9% Net Yield per annum guaranteed for 5 years

  • Up to 4% interest on deposited funds

  • 7 Universities with 60,000 students within 1 kilometre

  • No expense until year 6

  • All units sold fully furnished

  • Fully managed 


Construction Update

September 2020

  • the Steel frame has now been erected to level 13 and 14 of block A and the decking loaded out to these levels.  Decking and concrete works to level 13 and 14 will now take place over the next couple of weeks to allow level 15 and roof to be constructed in the following period

  • concrete Floors on block A have been completed to level 12, ground floor slab has been completed and the substation slab has been poured

  • intumescent painting has been installed to level 10 

  • mast climbers and hoists are now erected on block A up to level 12

  • the SFS has continued with stud work and boarding ongoing, the building is being wrapped floor by floor and the window installation is commencing

  • decking has been installed to the first half of Block B and the concrete pour is ready to commence shortly while remaining steel work is being erected

  • Pre-Cast Concrete Stairs have been installed 

  • J-Safe edge protection is being progressively installed as the frame progresses

  • The site continues to work under social distancing measures which are working well

Further updates and images are available on request by contacting us using the form at the bottom of this page. 



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