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Phillip Hegarty
Stuart Flynn
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Prior to working in the property sector, Phillip worked in a senior position at a major UK corporate bank working with multinational businesses restructuring their finances and eventually moving into the area of real estate acquisitions. 
Phillip founded JP Knight 15 years ago after identifying a gap in the market for fully managed property investments providing strong income. Phillip is always looking for solid projects with robust yields that will provide recurring income in the short to medium term.


Stuart joined JP Knight in 2014 after many years developing domestic & international sales for a leading publishing firm. Stuart develops new business channels globally, working closely with real-estate investment firms, private equity firms, wealth management companies and family offices. He focuses on client’s specific investment strategies and he delivers long term value for our clients in a fundamentally changing investment landscape.


Roger has been in wealth management industry for nearly 10 years.  Prior to this, he held various P&L positions in several large companies in the fields of financial services, manufacturing, and supply chain management.  Roger is also a ICF certified and an experienced executive coach and business advisor for high-net-worth families and many large global corporations.  Roger holds a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from Case Western Reserve University and an EMBA degree in International Business from Rutgers Business School at New Jersey USA.  Roger also completed his entrepreneurship education at Harvard Business School.

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With 20 years experience working in Corporate banking for one of Europes leading banks , Audrey oversee's JP Knights daily operations to provide streamlined services and processes to clients. 

Why Invest in Student Property ?

Investing in UK student property is an attractive option due to a potential for steady rental income and long-term capital appreciation. When choosing properties to offer our clients, we consider the following points :

  1. Market Research: JP Knight and Partners (JPK) conduct market research to identify areas with high demand for student accommodation. We look for universities with growing student populations, limited on-campus housing options, and strong rental demand in the surrounding area.

  2. Property Management: We engage professional property management companies that specialise in student properties. Property management companies handle tenant management, property maintenance, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

  3. Location and Amenities: We carefully  properties that are in close proximity to universities, amenities, and public transportation. Students often prioritise convenience and access to campus facilities.

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